Indian Menu

All platters are based on Tables of 10, all meals served with Naan. All rental food need is included and white linens and napkins.
Service is not included.

1. Options

Option 1
Choose 3 Hors d’oeuvres
Choose 2 side dishes
Choose 1 chicken
Choose 1 meat
Choose 1 dessert
$40.00 pp ++


Option 2
Choose 3 Hors d’œuvres
Choose 3 side dishes
Choose 2 chicken
Choose 2 meat
Choose 3 dessert
$55.00 pp ++


Option 3
Choose 3 Hors d’œuvres
Choose 4 side dishes
Choose 3 chicken
Choose 3 meat
Choose 3 dessert
$70.00 pp ++

2. Hors D’oeuvres

Pakora: All our pakora are fried in fresh oil individually to ensure freshness and for allergic safety. All our bases are made from a special hand-crafted mix of chickpea flour and spices.

  • Chicken Pakora
  • Paneer Pakora
  • Cauliflower Pakora
  • Eggplant Pakora
  • Potato Pakora
  • Zucchini Pakora
  • Red Snapper Pakora


Kebobs- All our meats used for our kebobs are ground fresh in house and mixed with variety of fresh spices.

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb


Samosa- our in house made savory pastry filled with locally sourced vegetables or meats.

Served with green chili chutney and tamarind chutney.

  • Vegetable
  • Chicken
  • Paneer
  • Spicy potato


  • Tikka chicken
  • Tandoori chicken drumettes
  • Aloo Tikki-Potatoes, peas, and curry spicy served cilantro chutney
  • Vada Pav-Indian slider with potato filling
  • Momos- Dumpling filled with chicken and spices with soybean chili sauce

3. Side dishes

  • Garden salad, fresh organic greens, tomato, cucumber, carrot and red onion julienne, Indian spice dressing
  • Chana -Chickpea salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Quinoa Indian spicy salad
  • Shrimp fried rice-Jasmine rice stir fried with egg and vegetables
  • Rice basmati-scented with cumin
  • Jeera alo-mini new red potatoes with cumin, prepared as a perfect compliment.
  • Alo gobi-cauliflower, potato, green peas, spiced with curry leaves, turmeric, spiced to perfection.
  • Seasonal Vegetable pilau- Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with basmati rice
  • Mutter panner- panner cheese, peas, garam masala, in a spiced tomato broth.
  • dal makhani- black lentil and spiced slow cooked
  • Yellow dal makhani-yellow lentil and spiced slow cooked
  • Rainbow dal makhani-green, black, and yellow spiced slow cooked
  • Seasonal Vegetable and dal makhani-traditional dal with variety of spiced and vegetables
  • Mushroom paneer-paneer and wild Canadian mushrooms cooked in fully spiced sauce
  • Chana masala-traditional way
  • Paneer makhani- paneer in the very popular butter sauce.
  • Baingan Batra-stewed eggplant
  • Hand made penne with spicy tomato sauce or creamy alfredo
  • Vegetable biriyani- basmati rice cooked with curried vegetables and crispy onions
  • Alo Mutter- potato and peas curry
  • Sahi Paneer
  • Achari Paneer
  • Malai Kofta
  • Palak Alo
  • Palak Paneer
  • Mushroom Cashew and Mutter- Curry
  • Eggplant Marsala
  • Vegetable Marsala
  • Okra Marsala
  • Rajma Marsala red kidney beans
  • Vegetable tandoori
  • Mirchu bahji
  • Pav bahji
  • Samosa chat

4. Chicken dishes

  • Tandoori Chicken-marinated yoghurt and spiced cooked in a Tandoor
  • Chicken Tikka-delicious chicken skewered marinated and grilled
  • Curry Chicken- coconut curry sauce
  • Chicken Karahi-chicken cooked in a spicy sauce
  • Chicken Korma- delicious sauce with spices
  • Butter Chicken-traditional tomato cream gravy
  • Chicken Biriyani-rice dish full of flavor with chicken and crispy onions
  • Kerala Chicken- spicy in a rich coconut sauce
  • Chicken Marsala cooked over charcoal grill

5. Meat Dishes

  • Beef Curry- coconut curry sauce
  • Beef Karahi-Pakistani dish slow cooked in a spicy sauce
  • Beef Vindaloo-spicy onion sauce
  • Beef rogan josh-traditional made with alkanet, spices, and a rich sauce
  • Lamb Curry- coconut curry sauce
  • Lamb Vindaloo- spicy onion sauce
  • Lamb Karahi- Pakistani dish slow cooked in a spicy sauce
  • Lamb Rogan Josh- traditional made with alkanet, spices, and a rich sauce
  • Lamb Biryani rice dish full of Indian spices with crispy onions
  • Lamb Korma

6. Dessert

  • Gulab jamun traditional fried Indian doughnuts
  • Gajar Halwa-carrot cake pudding
  • Khir-spiced rice pudding
  • Ras Malai-Cottage cheese spiced sweetened-sauce
  • Kulfi-frozen sweet pistachio ice cream
  • Fresh fruit

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